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JR Heli Division – Vibe 500E production kit model

Now JR offers a whole Vibe family from the high end 90SG to this little 3D electric hot rod 500E. All Vibe series share the same JR feel: aggressive and precise at the same time. The Vibe 500E is amazing to fly, and actually out performs a nitro powered Vibe 50!

JR has made the 500E the highest quality 500 size kit out there. Many features taken from its bigger brothers have been passed down without compromise. All metal precision rotor head, aluminum tail rotor system, CNC cut main gears and more. I put the machine together very quickly owing to the very complete instruction manual and perfect fit of all the parts. All bearings and CNC parts are top quality as JR is known for.

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When it comes time to fly the 6 cell li-poly powered machine, it is a treat to see. I could not believe the stability of this small heli, and it handled the wind like a 90 size does, hardly buffeting around on a gusty day. I set the rotor RPM for about 2900RPM, and it sounds more like a jet engine at this speed than a helicopter.

Punching the collective will shoot it up hundreds of feet in seconds. This is really fun to fly! Hard 3D is easy with the head speed screaming and the very precise, big heli feel. I enjoy showing off the high speed flight capability of the 500E - no other small electric tracks like this one. The airplane like fast forward flight can stop on a dime, and easily tops 70mph without pitchiness often found in other models of its size.

I highly recommend this model for a very fun, ultra high quality, mini size heli that will exceed the expectations of any pilot wanting impressive electric small field flying.

Equipment on board:

  • JR 12X 2.4GHz radio
  • Spektrum 6100 six-channel DSM2 micro receiver
  • Thunder Power 2250 6S main battery pack
  • 3 x JR 3417 mini high speed servo CCPM
  • 1 x JR 3500G mini tail rotor servo
  • JR 770T 3D gyro
  • JR/Hacker custom Vibe 500E brushless motor / 60Amp ESC combo
  • Rotor Tech 430mm carbon main rotor blades
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