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After the arrival of the kits winter of 2005/6, I was able to build up a set of twins for the 2006 season. The biggest 3D event in history, the Taiwan Cup (HTC) was held in April, so a lot of early work had to be done to have the new Vibe's ready.

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The kit is very complete, and is the most ready to 3D heli offered from JR. The two models were assembled quickly with only a few changes to make them my own, and mostly, to save even more weight! I wanted the lightest machines I'd ever flown with a 90, and succeeded. Final weigh-in is 9.0lbs without blades or fuel. Some things I did to reduce the weight:

  1. Carbon tail boom

  2. Carbon arrow boom supports

  3. My own design and lighter carbon fin set (watch for new SGP item...)

  4. 2100mAh LiPo battery combined with Reactor

  5. Custom made FRP canopies weighing half of stock canopy painted!

  6. No switch harness used, only an extension attached to Reactor SW input and removable jumper to save weight

  7. Mini throttle servo

  8. Removal of rudder pushrod and bellcrank system for single carbon rod in tube.

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Overall, saved about 1 lb of excess weight, and it is very noticeable compared to my prototype Vibes weighing stock 10-10.5lbs.

The Vibe is extremely fast and responsive, while maintaining complete stability. This is rare when compared to other helis with quick 3D setups which often cannot track in fast forward flight like the Vibe.

The new color scheme is designed for high visibility in white/orange/red and blue accents. Also added white trim to top of the tail boom for better visibility. The new SGP silver carbon fins reflect light better and help orientation too.

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I plan to use this heli and setup for the 2006 year and beyond at the HTC, XFC and 3D Masters...

Cyclic Servos JR DS8311SA Digital heli servo w/8417 metal geartrain
Throttle Servo JR DS3421SA Mini Digital servo (half the weight of std servo)
Gyro JR G7000T Gyro - Heading Lock mode always
Tail Servo JR 8700G
Receiver R1000 10 Channel SPCM
Governor Model Avionics Throttle Jockey REVMAX
Voltage Regulator SGP Reactor Dual Voltage regulator 5.6V cyclic, 5.2V Gyro/tail/other
Battery Thunderpower 2100mAh 7.4 V 2S
Engine OS 91 SZ PS w/ Viperhead
Muffler Muscle Pipe II
Engine Gear Ratio Vibe kit stock 8:1 (11T pinion and 88T main gear)
Main Blades RotorTech 3D Pro 710 Carbon 175g - CN267166C
Tail Blades RotorTech 105mm - CN261056
Flybar Paddles Prototype 20g RotorTech 3D paddle
Flybar length 520mm
Rotor Head setup Stock Vibe 90, 0.7:1 flybar ratio, All hard O-Rings, added tygon tube to center of spindle for more rigidity
Hover Pitch (High stick, Mid, Low [degrees]) +10,3,-6 Linear between 30% stick and 100%
Stunt Pitch (H,M,L) +11,0,-11 Linear
Autorotation Pitch +13,0,-8 Exponential
Cyclic Dual Rate HOV/STNT Aile 70/100%, Elev 75/100%
Cyclic Exponential HOV/STNT Aile 20/30% Elev 18/30% (soft feel)
Governor Rotor RPM 1700 Hover/ 1900 Stunt
Aile -> Elev MIX STUNT MODE Right->UP 8%, Left->Down 6%

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