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F3C > Sylphide 2007

JR Heli Division - Sylphide 90 WC 2007-2008

This model has been top of the F3C world for over four years. It has won 1,2,3 at the Spain World Championships, 1,2 at Poland World Championships, US National titles, and Japan National titles among others. Throughout this long stretch of time it has proven itself to be the most mechanically robust and advanced design on the precision F3C heli scene.

It's design including the unique solid aluminum transmission block and integrated engine mount makes this a very powerful combination. Engine performance is greatly aided by this rigid structure of metal and the result is extra power that is not wasted by heat and vibration of other components and frames. It has proven to be the highest quality helicopter and lowest maintenance machine I have ever used.

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The Super Gracy fuselage is fitted to allow very quiet and fast flight for F3C competition. I have modified special low profile aluminum landing gear to this body and set the gear inside the body to reduce drag. My original color scheme has been designed to custom fit the fuselage and automotive clear-coated for protection and overall wet look. This color scheme is now offered by JR Heli Division Part No. 6xxxxx.

This helicopter reaches speeds over 115mph and is always a popular sight to see fly at events. In addition to flying it through the FAI-F3C schedules, I often demonstrate this machine's capabilities with high-speed low level aerobatic flight.

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Changes to this model have been few since the last World Championships. Mainly a noted improvement in precision and feel was due to the change over to 2.4ghz JR 9303 radio equipment. Newly painted fuselages, and ReactorX regualtors installed finished off the machines.

These machines have allowed me to win US Nationals in 2007, and Poland World Championships 2nd place 2007.

Equipment installed:

  • JR 9303DSM 2.4ghz radio
  • JR 921 2.4ghz Receiver
  • ReactorX dual regulator 6.0V bus setting to CCPM, 5.2V tail/RX
  • Thunder Power 3200mah 2S Li-poly battery
  • 3x JR 8317 heli servos CCPM
  • 1x JR 8900G tail rotor servo
  • 1x JR 34ooG throttle servo
  • JR G7000T gyro
  • REVMAX limiter governor sytem
  • OS 91 Cspec engine
  • Rotor Tech 720mm SG-F3C blades (225g)
  • Rotor Tech 105mm Tail blades
  • Rotor Tech F3C Carbon paddles (40g)

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