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F3C > Sylphide 2005

With the Spain Worlds approaching I had to make a decision early this spring '05 for what models I'd be flying at the F3C World Champs in August 2005. I always like to have fairly new models for the Worlds so everything is freshly broken in and 110% ready by the time of the event. This year was an unusual switch for me. I chose the JR Sylphide. Until this year, I had always used some form of Vigor/Vibe/my own design for F3C (See last years model the VELOCITY). While my best finishes were good with the Velocity's including 5th place finish in Japan WC'05 and 1st place at the '03 US Nationals it was time for a change; a change to something more conventional. I wanted to focus my time on practicing, not building, tuning and testing. So the JR Sylphide was my choice to use as my new F3C models.

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The Sylphide is well known around the World as a very advanced F3C machine. The solid aluminum chassis is unbelievably strong and stable. When I was first testing this machine my jaw dropped when I first lifted off at how quiet the heli was. The robust structure leaves little for the big 90 engines to vibrate and strong chassis transmits the power very efficiently. Finally a heli that was designed for a 90! The oversize clutch and bell is a solid unit that works flawlessly and turns a spiral cut 11 tooth pinion and 88T main gear for zero backlash and very smooth gear train operation. No alignment is required on the Syphide because the machined pinion BB block bolts to the aluminum chassis with a perfect mesh and no fuss. This is the theme I found while I built the Sylphides, everything fit and no "upgrades" were added… AT ALL!

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I fitted a Super Gracy Fuselage set to the Sylphide right away. I knew I was not interested in flying Pod and Boom at the Worlds. For those who know my father and me, it is rare to see me flying a fuselage that is factory available because we usually get industrious during the long winters and make our own designs… but with the decision to PRACTICE more and build less, I went with the available and ready to mount Gracy. Not to mention I think it is a very nice looking fuse, and it flies very well in all conditions.

* The only modifications I did to my Sylphides were: Add an SGP / Vigor rotor head with plastic grips (still my favorite after over 8 years using it)
* Moved the front landing gear strut back 1" to give it a more centered look. I find that many Japanese models have landing gear placed very far forward of the CG and main shaft and during pirouettes the model may be centered on the main shaft, yet it looks like it is wandering because the landing gear assembly is rotating off center.
* Install a Vigor Fan and Shroud with minor surgery it does fit! This allows the full potential of my engines with the better cooling I can finely adjust the needle valves to get the best power. With the stock fan I had to compromise by always running a bit rich to help cool the motor during aerobatics. Now it is more consistent running and easier to adjust.

Most enjoyable maneuver: The biggest Cuban 8 figure with on the deck pull-outs, Tied with Full speed pass 4' from my transmitter antenna tip (Sounds like a freight train!)

I use the following equipment in my Worlds F3C Sylphides:

Cyclic Servos JR 8311DS Digital heli servo w/plastic gear train
Throttle Servo JR 3412DS Mini Digital servo (half the weight of std servo)
Gyro JR G7000T Gyro - Heading Lock mode always
Tail Servo JR 8700G
Receiver R1000 10 Channel SPCM
Governor Model Avionics Throttle Jockey REVMAX
Voltage Regulator SGP Reactor Dual Voltage regulator 5.6V cyclic, 5.2V Gyro/tail/other
Battery Kokam 3200mAh 2-cell 7.4V w/20C disch.
Engine OS 91 CSPEC, pressurized fuel tank, Cline Regulator, Viperhead, SG Mods
Muffler Zimmerman 90 Muffler
Engine Gear Ratio 8:1 (11T pinion and 88T main gear)
Main Blades RotorTech Pro 720 Carbon 209g - CN267201
Tail Blades RotorTech 105mm - CN261056
Flybar Paddles K&S Carbon HP- 50g
Flybar length 510mm
Rotor Head setup SGP Yoke w/ Vigor hub (Production Vibe90 will have 1-piece metal head as stock) All HARD dampeners-as rigid as possible
Hover Pitch (High stick, Mid, Low [degrees]) +9,3,-5 Linear between 30% stick and 100%
Stunt Pitch (H,M,L) +10,0,-9 Linear
Autorotation Pitch +13,0,-8 Exponential
Cyclic Dual Rate HOV/STNT Aile 60/100%, Elev 65/100%
Cyclic Exponential HOV/STNT Aile 22/30% Elev 20/30% (soft feel)
Governor Rotor RPM 1680 Hover/ 1980 Stunt
Aile -> Elev MIX STUNT MODE Right->UP 13%, Left->Down 10%

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