Sharing only the name and the high quality the Vibe is known for, JR has now released the all-new design Vibe 50. This machine is designed from the start as a 3D machine. But this did not mean it has lost the high speed tracking and predictable flight characteristics that many of its competitors sometimes lack.

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I put together one of the production kits very quickly and it assembled with ease. Everything fit, without any modifications along the way. My Vibe 50 machine is completely box stock but flies like a modified and highly tuned (90 size) heli. No extras are needed other than good blades and r/c equipment installed to get the most out of this capable helicopter.

The new rotor head by JR is very stable and quick to respond. It also features mulitple bell/hillar ratios to adjust to fit the pilot's own style and blade/paddle selections. I run my mixer ball link in the middle hole of the three available flybar positions. This seems to be a good balance of roll rate and high stability.

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The CCPM swashplate in the kit allows for 120 degree or 140 degree setup. I chose 120 degree CCPM for this model as it was to be used for an all out 3D helicopter. The new JR 8717 servos are extremely fast and accurate, making the swashplate setup very easy and it performs very well.

Equipment on board:

  • JR 9303DSM 2.4ghz radio
  • JR 921 2.4ghz Receiver
  • ReactorX dual regulator 6.8V bus setting to CCPM, 5.2V tail/RX
  • Thunder Power 2100mah 2S Li-poly battery
  • 3x JR 8717 heli servos CCPM
  • 1x JR 8900G tail rotor servo
  • 1x JR 3412SA servo throttle
  • JR 770T 3D gyro
  • REVMAX limiter governor sytem
  • OS Hyper 50 engine
  • Rotor Tech 610mm 3D blades
  • Rotor Tech 95mm Tail blades

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Kitchener, ON

P: +1 519.208.0361
F: +1 519.749.1315

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