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Cool Power Fuel

Morgan Fuels has been a leading manufacturer of R/C performance fuels for decades. Their blends and oils are extremely consistant batch to batch, year to year. When traveling the world to events I rarely have to change needle settings on my engines or ever worry about the quality of Cool Power fuels no matter where I'm flying.

I use exclusively Cool Power 30% High Performance Heli in all engines.

For a smooth running F3C mix I recommend a mix of Cool Power heli fuels.

SG Multi Viscosity mix:

For years I have been running in F3C competition this blend of Cool Power fuels to produce the desired results of power and ultra smooth running required for F3C competition. Many other pilots are now using this mix successfully.

1:1 mix ratio:

CP30% High Performance (pink color)
- 24% Low Viscosity synthetic oil package

CP12.5% Heli Fuel (purple color)
- 18% High Viscosity synthetic oil package

Alternate: CP 15% Heli Fuel (green)
-18% High Viscosity synthetic oil package

Mix in a 2US Gallon container or larger. 1US Gal of CP30% with CP12.5%. Shake lightly and let settle. Pour back into 1 Gal jugs if required.

The thin oil acts as a coolant and high flow lubricant. The thicker oil aids bearing life, and coats parts actually making the engine slightly quieter by reducing piston skirt slap.

The end result yeilds about 21% Nitro content and 21% multi-viscosity Oil.

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