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3D > Vibe 2005

I have been flying prototype Vibe 90's for a year now and must stay they are definitely a step above the Vigor. The Vibe is a purpose built 3D heli ready for extreme 3D flight out of the box and setup for 90 size engines. The rigidity and simple construction make for a very reliable heli with low maintenance- which I really like!

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I've probably flown my Vibes over 500 flights this season and everything is working great. The new rotor head with all metal head block and composite plastic grips are a very good combination of stability and agility. I have tried metal grips and hate them-the plastic grips are far better in hover, and fast forward flight, and they have a much better neutral feel than any all-metal head I've flown.

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The Vibe90 helped step up my 3D this year by placing 3rd in the Xtreme Flight Championships and I look forward to using it more aggressively for future contests and demos.

Most Impressive maneuver: high-speed low-level knife edge hurricanes (it tracks so well for a 3D heli!)

Cyclic Servos JR 8311DS Digital heli servo w/plastic gear train
Throttle Servo JR 3412DS Mini Digital servo (half the weight of std servo)
Gyro JR G7000T Gyro - Heading Lock mode always
Tail Servo JR 8700G
Receiver R1000 10 Channel SPCM
Governor Model Avionics Throttle Jockey REVMAX
Voltage Regulator SGP Reactor Dual Voltage regulator 5.6V cyclic, 5.2V Gyro/tail/other
Battery Kokam 3200mAh 2-cell 7.4V w/20C disch.
Engine OS 91 SZ with pressurized fuel tank and Cline Regulator w/ Viperhead
Muffler Muscle Pipe II
Engine Gear Ratio 8:1 (11T pinion and 88T main gear)
Main Blades RotorTech 3D Pro 710 Carbon 175g - CN267166C
Tail Blades RotorTech 105mm - CN261056
Flybar Paddles K&S 3D - KSJ1572
Flybar length 510mm
Rotor Head setup SGP Yoke w/ Vigor hub (Production Vibe90 will have 1-piece metal head as stock) All HARD dampeners-as rigid as possible
Hover Pitch (High stick, Mid, Low [degrees]) +10,3,-6 Linear between 30% stick and 100%
Stunt Pitch (H,M,L) +10,0,-10 Linear
Autorotation Pitch +13,0,-8 Exponential
Cyclic Dual Rate HOV/STNT Aile 70/100%, Elev 75/100%
Cyclic Exponential HOV/STNT Aile 20/30% Elev 18/30% (soft feel)
Governor Rotor RPM 1700 Hover/ 1980 Stunt
Aile -> Elev MIX STUNT MODE Right->UP 13%, Left->Down 13%

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