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JR Heli Division - Vibe 90 2007-2008 season

After using the Vibe 90 for several years now it still proves to be extremely agile and a top contender. I have retained some of my lightening modifications to keep the chassis weight (no blades or fuel) down to 9.0lbs / 4.08kg.

I have painted canopies to be high visibility and changed the trim scheme slightly from my 2006 models.

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New this year are the SG edition Rotor Tech 710 3D blades. These blades now feature refined weighting, and new color scheme for better visibility in flight. Combined with the Vibe 90 at a light weight, and quick cyclic setup, I have found these blades to be very fast in roll and pitch while being more predictable than other setups I've tried. It is very difficult to overlaod the engine with this setup because of the blade efficency. The Vibe 90 can reach 100mph without pitchyness yet stop on a dime.

I have added a tygon tubing piece around the spindle shaft betewen the dampeners in the rotor head to further stiffen the rotor head axle.

Equipment on board:

  • JR 9303DSM 2.4ghz radio
  • JR 921 2.4ghz Receiver
  • ReactorX dual regulator 6.8V bus setting to CCPM, 5.2V tail/RX
  • Thunder Power 2100mah 2S Li-poly battery
  • 3x JR 8717 heli servos CCPM
  • 1x JR 8900G tail rotor servo
  • 1x JR 34ooG throttle servo
  • JR 770T 3D gyro
  • REVMAX limiter governor sytem
  • OS 91SZH-PS engine
  • Rotor Tech 710mm SG-3D blades (182g)
  • Rotor Tech 105mm Tail blades
  • Rotor Tech 3D Carbon paddles (19g)


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