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RevMax Governor

Model Avionics Throttle Jockey

I have found Model Avionics' Throttle Jockey REV MAX to be very reliable, simple, and effective. I specifically use the REV MAX version. It is solely an RPM limiter. Use of throttle curves remain on your transmitter and the Revmax will only take over when it senses over speed of the engine. The limit is set by an auxillary channel mix for each flight mode. Revmax can be forced into a governor mode allowing it to adjust speed by adding and reducing power if the throttle curves are raised very high on the transmitter program. This is useful for easy setup and for hovering mode to allow it to have complete control of the engine speed. Some pilots will drive all throttle curves in stunt mode to 100% and give the REVMAX full control.

I have a specific setup for the JRPCM10X below.

Throttle Jockey Revmax settings

Scott Gray
March 06 2007

1. Hook up TJ REVMAX connections and sensor per instruction manual
2. AUX lead from REVMAX connect to GEAR channel in your RX
3. Setup throttle servo travel and servo wheel to operate the carburetor full open and full closed as close to +/- 100% travel adjust as possible
4. GEAR channel must be +/- 100% travel adjust
5. 10X code 17 - check that GEAR channel is ACT
6. Follow the REMOTE mode CALIBRATION in the TJ Revmax manual. Use the GEAR toggle switch on your TX when it says to toggle the <AUX> channel.
7. After calibration is complete, turn off the RX.
8. 10X code 17 - after calibration complete, turn GEAR channel SW to "INH"
9. Use Program MIX 6 (code 56) select to mix GEAR->GEAR channels
10. in code 56, PAGE to 3rd setup page, and select until #FMOD->GEAR appears as the mix type; also it will say MASTER ORIG
11. in code 56, PAGE to 2nd page of setup, and make sure MIX is ACT in ALL flight modes
12. in code 56, 1st PAGE, create mix curve. Use FMOD switch on TX to move to next points. Make new points for each flight mode on curve
13. Point 1 - (Normal mode) - Set to output = 60% RPM = approx 1650
14. Point 2 and 3 - (Stunt 1 and 2) - Set to output = 78% RPM = approx. 1950
15. Set Throttle curves for all Flight Modes, ie. normal mode curve, and V-curve for stunt modes.
16. Test fly
17. To adjust MAX rotor speeds, use MIX 6 (code 56). Adjust point in each flight mode for desired Maximum RPM
18. To force REVMAX to become a governor, it is possible to raise throttle curves about 10-20% higher than usual. This will cause REVMAX to stay at desired RPM because it will always be trying to limit the overspeed RPM
Note: I use REVMAX as Governor in HOVER mode. I will have my normal throttle curve higher so that REVMAX will always keep RPM constant to my set RPM
Note: For stunt mode, some users of REVMAX will make Throttle Curve 100% at all stick positions. This will again force REVMAX to be limiter at all times and govern head speed to desired RPM
Note: Throttle HOLD mode will operate normally. REVMAX will not affect the HOLD mode or idle setting

REMOTE mode Calibration Procedure

Setup the throttle servo operation so the travel (ATV) is a close to +/-100% as possible.
Set the Aux travel (ATV) to +/-100%, make sure that any mixing to the Aux channel is turned off. Ŧ
Set the throttle and trim to the low (stopped) position <- Important!
Turn on the transmitter and then turn on the receiver.
During the first 3 seconds, toggle the AUX switch twice.
The SET led will flash green indicating that the Jockey has entered its calibration phase.
With the throttle trim all the way down raise and lower the throttle stick over its full range.
Exit calibration by toggling the AUX switch twice.
The SET led will stop flashing indicating that it has stored the radio parameters.

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