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JR Radios

Confidence and reliability come to mind first when describing JR radio controls. I have used JR radios for over 20 years with nothing but good to say about their products. The transmitter is the heart of R/C flying, connecting pilot to machine. It is this connection and quality that JR is known for, and the reason I fly JR.

JR 12X

The heli portion of the new 12X includes everything a professional 3D or F3C pilot could want yet be easily programmed by a novice. JR’s philosophy on their software is to allow speedy setups while retaining all the functionality needed for the most demanding modelers. The 12X delivers a heli radio that achieves this and more. A closer look at the software and the heli features reveals JR’s attention to detail and ease of use.

The heli software is based on the popular and capable JR 9303 and previous top of the line radio, the 10X. All standard features are easy to navigate and modify such as reversing, travel adjust, dual rates and expo. Most users do not ever need to consult the manual since programming is so intuitive and straightforward- a big plus when at the field making quick changes. The best part of the 12X is the silky smooth ball bearing gimbals and solid magnesium case. The quality can be felt before even turning it on.

Some of the features that make the 12X stand out are the pitch and throttle curves, CCPM mixing, program mixes, gyro, and governor pages. Here’s what I like about each of these areas:

Pitch and Throttle curves: Up to eight curve points can be added and adjusted, but more importantly, you can select user defined points anywhere on the curve and have as few or as many as needed. More often than not, only a few properly placed points are needed and you’ll never need to modify a pile of points to get the shape you’re looking for- simple and effective. Selected curve points can be moved up/down in real time while flying on your choice of knobs or electronic trim switches. This is a great feature to dial in the feel you want in flight.

CCPM Swash Mix: Since most helis these days are CCPM mixing, a radio that does a good job at managing these three servos is very important. This is one area the 12X was really upgraded. The 12X can do 90,120,140 in three and four servo combinations. I particularly like the EXPO setting for CCPM mixing. Activating this re-calculates the servo arcs making a more linear output. Another new feature is the E-RING setting which disallows any mechanical binding of the swash plate when cyclic at full elevator and aileron is input. When activated, the e-ring will automatically reduce travels in the “corners” of your cyclic so the swash plate is always tilting at maximum deflection but nothing more. 3D pilots will love this feature for piro flips and chaos since there is no danger of overdriving the swash plate. Finally, an all new elevator pitch canceller allows you to set a value to perfectly match your servos to reduce any for/aft interactions during rapid cyclic movements. Conveniently on the same program page, you can easily alter the swash timing of your heli to correct any flip and roll tendencies you may have.

Exclusive to JR/DSM and Spektrum radios is one of the most significant features in years- Servo Sync. Servo Sync keeps all three CCPM servos operating together without any delay from one channel to the next. Collective punch and feel is significantly improved.

The speed and resolution of the 12X combined with the fastest servos on the market will yield the most connected and accurate feel a heli pilot could want. 3D pilots will notice a more balanced CCPM system, less interaction and accurate feel on the 12X compared to anything else.

Program mix: Among the easiest to setup and program, JR’s program mixes are available in the heli mode to fine tune any flight characteristics of your heli you don’t want. You can now activate mixes automatically on any flight modes, or on any switch of your choice.

Gyro and Governor: Simple settings pages for these features is laid out to allow quick mods to the values. Not only that, but simply select the channel that is controlling your gyro or governor, set the values on the ground or in flight and you’re done. Of course, these can be controlled by stunt modes or your favorite switch on the TX.

For the scale or electric heli pilot, some features in the 12X will also be appealing. For electric heli pilots, a timer system can be setup to keep time while the throttle stick is above a certain position and pause if on the ground to keep accurate battery life time left. Also now available in the heli mode is a servo speed program where any servo can be set to slower than normal speeds which can be great for helis with retracts or servo driven doors etc. that need the scale look and operation speed. Not to mention with up to 12 channels available, lights, and a host of auxiliary options are limited only by your imagination.

Going to the 12X is a step up in quality and programming that is not just about looks- it’s about functionality and results. I choose the 12X to fly all my helicopters and airplanes, because of JR’s renowned quality and programming features that are easy to use. I prefer to spend more time flying and less time setting up. I highly recommend the 12X to any heli pilot looking for a system that is big on features that matter and make every model easy to setup and flying more enjoyable.

Key Features

  • DSM/DSM2 compatible
  • Compatible with all Spektrum and JR DSM brand aircraft receivers
  • 2048 resolution
  • Low latency response
  • R1221 receiver included
  • 50-model memory
  • ModelMatch technology
  • Air, Heli, and Sailplane programming
  • Improved gimbal assemblies for better performance and feel
  • Includes aluminum transmitter case

JR 9303 2.4

I have been flying with the JR 9303 2.4ghz radio since it’s release in 2007. It has made a strong impression in the heli market with its versatility and 2.4ghz modulation. Great for the sport pilot, all the way up to competitive levels, this radio was used by the top three pilots of the F3C 2008 World Championships.

I notice a very connected feel when flying with JR/Spektrum 2.4ghz radios that is not quite present in other radios. The low latency connection definitely can be felt by the pilot. Not to mention the peace of mind knowing there is no chance at large events for interference from other radio systems.


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