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JR Gyros

JR 7000T Gyro System

This gyro is extremely sensitive and responsive. I have used this gyro since it's release for several years with very good results. A very light feel to the pilot on the tail rotor is felt when flying and the tail rotor always remains where last instructed. Ultra fast pirouette rates are allowed followed by a brick-wall type stop. A strong tail rotor system and gearing is recommended for extreme piro rates.

I use the 7000T in all F3C type helicopters due to it's very quick response. No delay from stick movement to rotation of the heli is noted as with some other gyros. This is a great asset to precision flying and quick reaction for 3D flight.

My basic setup for 7000T gyros is as follows:

Travel ADJ:
RUDD 130% both ways /not 150% as published in manual

AUX2 +135%.
This will give extra heading hold capability, up to 150%. I just learned this recently that the 7000T has a lot more heading lock possibility by raising AUX2 to higher than 100% levels. Make sure this connector from the gyro is indeed connected to AUX2 in your RX

GYRO Gain:
Hover 60-75%
Stunt 40-50%

7000T limits:
Adjust the pots L/R to get maximum mechanical travel on your tail lever/slider

JR HD arm, 14mm hole out or the 17mm hole
JR8700G servo or JR8900G Digital tail rotor servo

Tail blades:
105mm Rotor Tech


Make sure your AUX2 SW is ACT, so that your Travel ADJ above will take effect.

JR 770T Gyro

This new all in one gyro from JR is excellent for 3D. Easy to setup, lightweight and rock solid. I do not do anything other than put into my helis and setup per the manual. Great for all sizes of helis from electric 400 size up to 3D 90. JR's best all round high-performance gyro system.

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